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Where there is knowledge there is hope:




ACEs = Adverse Childhood Experiences is the globally recognised term given to all types of abuse, neglect and other traumatic experiences that occur in individuals under 18.

ACE’s-Too-High ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that harm children’s developing brains so profoundly that the effects show up decades later; they cause much of chronic disease, most mental illness, and are at the root of most violence.

“ACEs” comes from the CDC-Kaiser Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, a ground-breaking public health study that discovered that childhood trauma leads to the adult onset of chronic diseases, depression and other mental illness, violence and being a victim of violence. The ACE Study has published about 70 research papers since 1998Hundreds of additional research papers based on the ACE Study have also been published”.



  1. Building community resilience through a STOP South African Adverse Childhood Experiences (SA-ACE’s) educational campaign nationwide:
  2. Build awareness of the plight of children throughout our country, when left to the limitations and vagaries of intergenerational childhood caring behaviour
  3. Gather and publish “Hope” stories that celebrate the amazing work ordinary South Africans and organised social work already provide.
  4. Provide easily implementable frameworks for local intra-community co-operation on SA-ACE’s project
  5. Provide free artworks for local printing of promotional SA-ACE’s material
  6. Receive, publish and promote artwork from children as the inspiration for their safety and love
  7. Encourage South African child and adult care givers to embrace the global movement of ACE’s so that people of the world unite in knowledge and other resources to make a more loved generation of children and a kinder “next” generation.
  8. Inspire a South African SA-ACE’s Network of inter-community project co-operation and sharing
  9. Raise funds locally and internationally for future projects that support South African SA-ACE’s
  10. Contribute to a safer, kinder South Africa


  • Trauma-Informed Care (T-IC) – “It’s not what’s wrong with you, it’s what happened to you – and is happening to you, and what could happen to you and the people you love and care about.”

Create awareness of this globally bonding language, knowledge and movement that is being embraced from Neuro-scientist to caregiver at the most competent levels of trauma care work in the world. 

Inspire local adoption of this global best practice

  • Psychological First Aid (PFA) – Critical incident trauma response for non-professionals that protects both the caregiver and those affected by any criteria of critical incident – from bereavement through home and travel accidents, crime and assaults to local disasters like floods and fires.

Create awareness that this is the ONLY recognised modality of WHO and the International Red Cross for critical incident intervention by professionals and the public anywhere.

Inspire those who perhaps still adopt other rejected methodologies to join this global forum of expertise

Inspire others to train communities, first responders and schools everywhere in the techniques and team building necessary to respond to critical incidents with PFA

  • To establish a network of people practicing basic human kindness (Buddy Care)

Inspire people to help themselves by helping others by establishing Buddy Care Forums for intra- and inter-community

  • To celebrate and be grateful for our beautiful country as a shared blessing bestowed not on us but on each future generation

To capture the incredible diversity and beauty of our land

Promote kind, child friendly, dog friendly and biker friendly establishments (albeit not be the same)

  • Promote animal love and husbandry

Inspire the value of the love and caregiving for animals both domestic and wild as a means to quietening our own restless souls 

  • WHEN?

    2016. The journey has begun.



  1. A two year road trip with my beautiful dog friend Milo, that embraces flexibility of programmes and continuous learning
  2. Engagement, participation and encouragement of a needs/outcomes based response with all role players post road trip



1. Motorcycle and side car trip supported by relevant and caring motor cycle organisations

2. A support network of:

Child care expertise - TBA

Global ACE’s, PFA and T-IC participation

The caring biker community

Volunteers and financially supported to embrace:

Pre – journey and “leg” publicity and media management

Community engagement bookings and scheduling

Social networking

Web site content and management

Blog writing

YouTube channel management

Children’s Art compilation and promotion

Graphic designers

Good news story compilations and celebrations

Continuous media management and bookings

Fund raising and sponsorships

Financial management

Research projects

Other non-governmental institutions across the spectrum of child and trauma care 



Fellow Roadwalkers* – those who wish to come on part of the ride with me (*In Buddy Care terminology a Roadwalker is someone who steps up, no matter their own circumstances and provides connectivity for other people and communities in need. The Buddy Care Roadwalker says: “I cannot walk your journey for you, but I offer to step up and walk beside you and offer you my strength for as long as you and I can journey together.”